John Kinane

The Way I See The World The Way No One Else Can Because They're Not Me


Look Up

We are all members of a large community.  The Universe.  So few of us ever think about what is above our heads every minute of every day.  It is easy to forget while keeping

It Begins

I was given my first telescope for my fifteenth birthday.  For years before this I was fascinated with the stars.  Having a real telescope changed everything.  It made all the books I had read

My First Astronomical Sketch

This was my first attempt to sketch an astronomical object.  It created it on August 9, 2004 by simply by sketching what you see in a telescope eyepiece.  Astronomers used this practice for thousands

Why I Love Astronomy

Most of my childhood was spent in the seventies.  Technology was still very new at best and the spectacular images produced by the Hubble Space Telescope and even by amateurs today were not remotely