John Kinane

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Time to drum

It’s been too long.  Feeling the urge to play. Not just for a little while or to get it out of my system. I’m missing that part of my old life when playing was

Restoration Thoughts

With the exception of the red color being closer to brown in this picture, this is what I’m going for with my restoration.  I want shells exposed with the grain raised, stained candy apple

Drums Identified!

There they are!  Exact match.  Thought it would take me longer for find them.  Magnum XM71 Series.  This was actually the only reference to them I could find anywhere on the web. There are

My Drum Restoration Project

httpv:// 30 years is a long time.  For my high school graduation, I was given a  7 piece Slingerland Magnum Force drum set.  Pretty cool stuff at the time.  Because it was a gift