John Kinane

The Way I See The World The Way No One Else Can Because They're Not Me


It’s Not That Simple

I know.  I feel the pain as much as you.  I live in the highest taxed per market value county in the United States.  There are reasons for this and plenty of us up

Schools Fail Because Communities Fail

I have some bad news for you, Sunshine.  Schools fail because their communities fail them.  Period.  Not maybe or probably or possibly.  Show me a failing school in an affluent community and I will

Don’t Ostracize For Double Dipping

Retirement.  Some people dread the thought while for others it can’t come soon enough.  In either case this is a wonderful civilized concept that our modern society enjoys.  At least it did.  It is

Duffy Will Be NYS Lt. Governor

Most Rochesterians might be thinking that losing it’s mayor to the Cuomo campaign will be an advantage for Rochester and upstate New York.  Think again.  It might make a slight difference but being in