Clearwater Beach: A Slice of Heaven

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If you’re not a native of Clearwater Beach, Florida the first thing you will notice when you step off the plane is the light.  Golden sunshine framed in a glowing platinum blue unlike any other. The moment you step into it she will seduce you like the eyes of a languid Caribbean beauty whispering your name.  Her ocean breezes and white sands will wrap around you like a blanket of joy.   People smile more in Clearwater.   This is truly one of America’s treasures to be experienced.

The beaches are lined with hotels but they are open to anyone.  Take a stroll down any beach and you’re sure to find an open bar and grille or vendor to fulfill your every desire.  Markedly absent is a sense of tackiness however.  This is not a tourist trap littered with vacationers and spring breakers.  Clearwater is filled with natives with a vested interest in their home.  There is a definite, perceivable culture that personifies this place.

Clearwater Beach at it's finest

Clearwater Beach at it's finest

My time in Clearwater was an epiphany of a sort.  Living in the north can harden you.  The long, cold winters can age you and callous your senses.  Until you’ve experienced those lavish coastal winds washing over you like a sensuous wave from heaven, holding a cold, sweating glass in your hand while pure, white sand dances around your feet then, my friend, you have not yet experienced all that life has to offer.

What also make this place different is it’s age.  This is not a thrown together business venture or a development boom. While it has it’s share of development, Clearwater has a long history and you will see this when strolling through some of it’s neighborhoods.  Nearby St. Petersburg is rich with history and culture dating back to the 19th century.

Clearwater doesn’t get the press that New Orleans receives.  It has managed to avoid disasters like Katrina in recent years.  That said it now looks down the barrel of a gun named BP.  So far it has escaped the devastation it’s western Gulf neighbors are now enduring.  But it’s time could be running out.  It sickens me to think that this slice of heaven may soon be damaged beyond repair.


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