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Slingerland MagnumXM71
Drum Restoration Percussion

Drums Identified!

Slingerland MagnumXM71
Slingerland MagnumXM71 Series

There they are!  Exact match.  Thought it would take me longer for find them.  Magnum XM71 Series.  This was actually the only reference to them I could find anywhere on the web.

There are actually great drums but they need some attention and refactoring to get them to their potential.

MagnumX71 Specs
MagnumX71 Specs



  1. John,

    I owned and worked a XM71 kit (black) from 85 to 92, while play with No Boundries (progressive jazz one, not the country one!). Ran a set of 6-8-10 Roto’s off the left, with a upper half set of Octo’s above them. Add a bunch more brass, and this was a monster an totally inclosed work horse. I sold the kit to John Yaney in 93. I downsized do to smaller venues, which limited the riser space, and this kit was very “Thunderous” for small clubs. Great for large halls, etc.
    I too, have been looking for a replacement information, and have only found the same “one and only” info.
    Drop me a line, and I can keep you posted as the search continues.
    Steve Mack


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