Time to drum

Back to my drumming roots

It’s been too long.  Feeling the urge to play. Not just for a little while or to get it out of my system. I’m missing that part of my old life when playing was a given.  It isn’t anymore.

During the past year I’ve been playing casually around the house.  Sometimes it’s a blast.  I can still play and feeling that power in my hands and feet is still a rush.  But it’s time to take another step.

What I need: new drums, new ideas and a direction.  What do I want to do?  Honestly, I want to play something heavy and high (sorry jazzer friends).  I suppose I’m flexible as to a genre right now.  But that is also a part of the choices I have to make.

Connecting with some local pros would probably be helpful for the new ideas. I am definitely stale with the daily “what to do’s”.  Even applied basics are more effective with a “direction” and right now I’m still trying to set that.  In drum corps and music college days this was all, of coarse, built-in and easy.  Time to begin engaging discussions with friends and “decide”.

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