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BP Oil Spill

Time To Take Control

What do you know about the BP Oil Spill?  As much as the media tells you.  What does the media know?  They know what BP tells them.   The rest of what we know is what we see happening for ourselves.  Oil soaked beaches and wildlife along with thousands without work and businesses losing millions every day.  How many times has BP grossly minimized the situation and made assurances that never came true?  Every.  Single.  Time.  They will continue to do so for as long as we let them.

James Cameron appeared on the Today Show this morning.  While I’m not certain he is the best choice for doing what he suggests, he does makes a valid point.  All we know about what is happening is what BP is telling us.  How much is happening what we don’t know about?  Do you trust a company that only has an interest in “getting their life back”?  Millions of lifes and billons of our dollars are at stake.  Why are we waiting to supervise everything BP is doing?  I understand that the oil industry may be best equipped technologically to deal with the situation but should they make all the decisions?  Are there more leaks they are not revealing?  You can bet any amount of money that if anything else is wrong we don’t know about that they will NOT reveal it unless forced to do so.

Have a look at the live feed.

It is a critical mistake not to investigate every move BP makes.  It could be a generation until we see the damage being made right now is corrected.  Indeed, it is likely that the region will never be the same.  Generations of lives and traditions may have seen their last days.  The time to take control is now.


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