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My Baby is Sixteen

We’re finally here.  You’re sixteen.  Since you were born I dreaded this day.  It’s meaning is simple.  You are no longer a child.  To you, this is probably a relief.  You’re excited to finally

I Didn’t Give You The Moon

15 years. They were not all bliss. They were not all joyful or wonderful or everything they could have been. They were not perfect. They were real in ways I could not have imagined.

Time to drum

It’s been too long.  Feeling the urge to play. Not just for a little while or to get it out of my system. I’m missing that part of my old life when playing was

Look Up

We are all members of a large community.  The Universe.  So few of us ever think about what is above our heads every minute of every day.  It is easy to forget while keeping

Goodbye Mars Rover Spirit

NASA officially ended communications with the Mars Rover Spirit today after an incredible 7 year mission.  The mission was designed to last only 90 days in 2004.  It is believed that the last martian

Why I Love Astronomy

Most of my childhood was spent in the seventies.  Technology was still very new at best and the spectacular images produced by the Hubble Space Telescope and even by amateurs today were not remotely

The Sun is Setting on Kodak

Kodak is Rochester.  It is difficult to think of one without the other.  My years at Kodak were brief when compared to the decades of service that others have given, and still are, but

Restoration Thoughts

With the exception of the red color being closer to brown in this picture, this is what I’m going for with my restoration.  I want shells exposed with the grain raised, stained candy apple

Drums Identified!

There they are!  Exact match.  Thought it would take me longer for find them.  Magnum XM71 Series.  This was actually the only reference to them I could find anywhere on the web. There are

My Drum Restoration Project

httpv:// 30 years is a long time.  For my high school graduation, I was given a  7 piece Slingerland Magnum Force drum set.  Pretty cool stuff at the time.  Because it was a gift

It’s Not That Simple

I know.  I feel the pain as much as you.  I live in the highest taxed per market value county in the United States.  There are reasons for this and plenty of us up